Sierra’s New Website

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We are in an age of information overload. It is constantly being shoved in our faces on websites, whether we want to see it or not. As information consumers, we skip sites that do not connect with us, that are confusing. We want to browse websites that add meaning to our lives, that truly connect to us by being easy to use and through the integrity of their content, services, and product solutions.

Sierra Instruments desperately needed a new website. Customers were generally overwhelmed when first going to the website and had no idea how to find information. Most people would go default to the search bar to search for what they needed to find, which is an inefficient way to navigate a website for content. Many people outside of the flow industry had no idea what Sierra did as a company.

As a part of the internal team, I lead this project with a kickoff meeting, starting in April of 2014, with the key stakeholders. At that meeting the needs of their customers were stated:

1. Finding information in less than two clicks via dynamic, smart filtering
2. Two company divisions that needed equal representation
3. Scalability across all devices

From there, I inspired, collaborated, and orchestrated the team of seven people on the project into conducting research on the current Sierra website and the sites we liked based on our customers and their needs. The research was presented to key stakeholders. From those meetings, I lead and collaborated with the team to develop sketches, revise sketches, and refine sketches into digital design comps for over 50 different page types. Other team members were assigned by myself to conduct SEO research and analysis, gathering and rewriting content, gathering and editing images, UX testing, and implementing test results into refinement of the project throughout the project lifecycle. Testing was conducted on a sandbox server, then the site was moved to beta and finally launched in October of 2015.

From analyzing the data since launching the new site, Sierra has been successful in exceeding the original project goals. Since launch, overall conversions are up and bounce rates have decreased. For example, from Sierra’s homepage, the Request For Quote conversion rate is up 42% from before launching the new site. The overall new site’s conversion rate for Request For Quote has stood at a steady 20% from October 2015 until now (January 2017). Sales have increased exponentially including a multimillion dollar sale from Intel, who discovered the company through the web, was impressed by the website and purchased products from Sierra.

Currently, the site is in a refinement stage with improvements implemented weekly to improve customer needs based on feedback. Future features are being worked on continuously to continue to grow and evolve Sierra’s digital brand through this new tool for their customers.