Mentoring The Next Generation

Many companies choose to have interns work for them during the summer season. These are usually college or high school aged individuals. While most kids are on vacation over the summer, these kids are choosing to cut their free time short in order to spend time working for your organization. Remember this fact. When you … Continue reading Mentoring The Next Generation

[Book Review] Linchpin: Are You Indispensable?

As creatives, we always want to be doing work we love. It's how we keep the creative spark to keep sharing our gifts with the world. I finished reading Seth Godin's book Linchpin: Are You Indispensable? Here are several key takeaways from the book: If you want to do work that you love, then you … Continue reading [Book Review] Linchpin: Are You Indispensable?

Be Methodical In Asking Questions

When creating a product that really makes an impact, you need to take your time. Many companies try to rush releasing a new product or campaign without thinking it through. Many times these are based on feedback received from customers. However, not all feedback is considered good. Many times, you have to dig deeper with … Continue reading Be Methodical In Asking Questions

Live Up To Expectations

We work on brands. Our brands change and transform people's lives, hopefully for noble causes. That's the zoomed out vision that we have to remember as we design campaigns for new products: from the eblast to the digital advertising to the messaging and the story—all of these touch points matter. As designers, when we say … Continue reading Live Up To Expectations

Attitude Changes Everything

Your attitude effects how you view the world. In the business world, this is key, especially working in companies that are running Growth Hacking or Lean Startup approaches. Innovation comes from a positive attitude. Exponential growth only occurs in situations when the status quo is questioned, when grand ideas are presented. Maybe those ideas seem crazy … Continue reading Attitude Changes Everything

How to Stand Out as a Creative Among the Noise

Nowadays, we have pressure on us to fit this image of being a jack-of-all trades. For example, if you are creative, some organizations expect you to be a mediocre designer, videographer, print designer and more. Now, it’s easy to fall into this trap, however you will not be able to advance in your career and … Continue reading How to Stand Out as a Creative Among the Noise

Achieve Success: How to Squash Your Own Ego

So it feels good to tell the world about your successes right? Of course, you should feel proud of yourself, especially if you have accomplished great things in your career. However, don’t brag about it to others. Most people are not interested in how a project made you feel. If anything, it makes you come … Continue reading Achieve Success: How to Squash Your Own Ego

Understanding Organizational Agendas To Maximize Results

Everyone has an agenda. This can be applied to organizations as well, including departments. As a designer, to maximize your projects, you need to be able to understand the agendas of other departments in your organization, not just yours. As those of us strive to become Art Directors or Project Managers, knowing the agendas of … Continue reading Understanding Organizational Agendas To Maximize Results

The Importance of Play at Work

Have you ever wondered why someone can spend 10-12 hours a day working and not even realize it? And then you look at yourself and how miserable you are as each second passes by on the clock at your 8 to 5 job. Well, it’s all about your outlook on work itself. The person who … Continue reading The Importance of Play at Work