Your Big Moment: Ask Interesting Questions

Your big moment is here. You run into a huge potential client in passing at an airport. You've got five to ten seconds to get their attention. What type of question do you ask to clearly engage them with you? Recently, I listened to a terrific Tim Ferris podcast episode where Tim answered some of … Continue reading Your Big Moment: Ask Interesting Questions

Mentoring The Next Generation

Many companies choose to have interns work for them during the summer season. These are usually college or high school aged individuals. While most kids are on vacation over the summer, these kids are choosing to cut their free time short in order to spend time working for your organization. Remember this fact. When you … Continue reading Mentoring The Next Generation

Attitude Changes Everything

Your attitude effects how you view the world. In the business world, this is key, especially working in companies that are running Growth Hacking or Lean Startup approaches. Innovation comes from a positive attitude. Exponential growth only occurs in situations when the status quo is questioned, when grand ideas are presented. Maybe those ideas seem crazy … Continue reading Attitude Changes Everything

Understanding Organizational Agendas To Maximize Results

Everyone has an agenda. This can be applied to organizations as well, including departments. As a designer, to maximize your projects, you need to be able to understand the agendas of other departments in your organization, not just yours. As those of us strive to become Art Directors or Project Managers, knowing the agendas of … Continue reading Understanding Organizational Agendas To Maximize Results

How To Deal With The Asshole At Work

There’s always going to be that one guy or lady who is a complete jerk. You know who I’m talking about. The one who’s been around forever and no one knows why they’re even still employed. The one who is totally ego driven, who manipulates others to get what they want out of a project … Continue reading How To Deal With The Asshole At Work

Design Thinking In Action

So I had the chance on November 17th, 2016 to attend a workshop ran by frog design during SIWeek Workshop: Remaking Transportation. I got hands on experience in design thinking with a group of complete strangers of working professionals in the Bay Area to work towards solving this problem in a two-hour time frame. Despite … Continue reading Design Thinking In Action