Hi! Thanks for checking out the About section on my site.

Let’s see… I am always on the go, either out exploring nature or sitting in a coffee shop creating something new / learning something new. Or perhaps I am building connections with others, understanding the human experience.  I am driven to always improve at home, in my career and my relationships with others.  

Q & A:

Book with the most impact on my career: This is a tough one, but I like Ryan Holiday’s The Obstacle Is the Way. Stoicism really shifted my view on how to lead, solve problems, and see projects from an eagle-eye perspective.

Favorite podcasts: Jocko Podcast, Hardcore History, Tim Ferriss. 

Jocko Willink and Echo Charles inspire me to lead and take ownershop through the mantra of discipline, which equals freedom.

Hardcore History, by Dan Carlin, is a fantastically woven tale of many unknown facts of our history. He shares insights that cause one to think and reflect on our current world.

Tim Ferris… where do I begin? He covers it all: health, wealth, and wisdom. He strives to be a teacher and to help others improve their lives through optimal performance.

Favorite YouTube videos / online learning courses: Ramit Sethi from Growth Lab and I Will Teach You To Be Rich. 

Ramit is a highly-engaging coach who teaches confidence and proven tactics for creating significant growth in marketing and people’s careers (both in the office and the side hustle of freelance work). He is also a financial genius and distills down the complex world of personal finances.

How to reach me:
Contact me at charlotte.a.chapman@gmail.com


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