Your Big Moment: Ask Interesting Questions

Your big moment is here. You run into a huge potential client in passing at an airport. You’ve got five to ten seconds to get their attention. What type of question do you ask to clearly engage them with you?

Recently, I listened to a terrific Tim Ferris podcast episode where Tim answered some of his favorite questions to ask others.

What I’ve learned in the craft of marketing is the importance of asking the right questions to gain insights, wisdom, and engagement with your audience, the customers.

In crafting marketing solutions, asking interesting questions of your target audience really does draw them in and engage them into the narrative being shared with them. By being fully engaged with the content, customers are able to decide if what is presented will solve their problems. You’ll also be able to refine and define customer problems even more by asking the right questions.

What types of interesting questions do you ask to gain valuable insights and connect with others? Share in the comments!

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