The Most Important Role To Get Right In The Consumer Buying Lifecycle

We’ve all been there. Whether we are going into a store, shopping online, or calling customer service, there is always the starting point. The gatekeeper, also known as the sales associate, the receptionist, the phone support, or the online “welcome” message as you log into your favorite online site, is critical to the consumer buying lifecycle.

Do you remember a time when you had exceptional customer service? I do. I remember walking into O’neill’s Surf Shop, having zero clue on what to buy for myself clothing-wise, and had amazing customer service from one of the friendly staff member there. She not only helped me shop, but she gave me honest opinions on what I should get versus what I shouldn’t get. This was not an odd-ball case for this particular O’neill Surf Shop location—it’s happened many times for me.

Now, let’s go to the opposite end of the spectrum. How about a time when you had HORRIBLE service? I clearly remember those experiences, almost more than the positive ones. The negative impact of those experiences imprinted on my mind and I refuse to ever go to those businesses ever again. And I also tell people to avoid them like the plague.

This same negativity can happen in online experiences as well. If your app or site makes it difficult to find information or to even start the ordering process, YOU WILL LOSE CUSTOMERS. They, in turn, will talk bad about you.

DO NOT become known as a company on the blacklist of terrible customer experience. Instead, CHOOSE to be the company that goes ABOVE and BEYOND in providing the best experience ever in order to get customers the support or products they need to solve their problems.

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