Want to make Mobile SEO a priority? 3 items to focus on for improving mobile

Mobile SEO is more important than ever. Google changed their ranking algorithm in late 2016 / early 2017 in which they prioritize mobile sites first for content, then desktop sites. Also, Google is scanning your social media presence and ranking your site based on how often content is shared.

Before you start overreacting to rush to make changes, here are three important things to keep in mind: create and share content that solves problems for customers, create a seamless user experience for finding that content on mobile, and make it easy for customers to share that content on social media.

Google’s algorithms are smarter every day. They are based on content that actually matters to consumers, not just blatant advertising or sales copy. Everything you do must center around creating content that matters to customers and that helps customers solve problems. This is what you should be doing anyways, so if you haven’t done that yet, rewrite your content so that it is relevant to your customers.

Once you have your content straightened out, here are some other tips to implement:

Mobile Site Fixes

  • Improve the UX design of your mobile site— fix any known bugs, scaling issues, etc.
  • Have important content on mobile site. Figure out a way to keep it on there.

Overall Site Improvements

  • Speed up the loading time of your site by reducing images / image size
  • Titles and descriptions in HTML need to be short
  • Use HTML5 (not Java)
  • Make your site secure—Https is ranked higher than http for security

Social Media

  • Encourage people to share with strong CTAs (call to actions)
  • Use engaging media to encourage sharing (such as videos, images, stories)

Tools to use
Test your site with this tool from Google: https://testmysite.thinkwithgoogle.com/

Remember, you have to make sure that your content is high quality and engaging so that it generates excitement in your product or service’s community of customers. If customers learn that you’re the source for solving their problems, they will definitely spread the word via social media, word of mouth, etc. and will also come back to you to help them again.

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