Be Methodical In Asking Questions

When creating a product that really makes an impact, you need to take your time. Many companies try to rush releasing a new product or campaign without thinking it through. Many times these are based on feedback received from customers. However, not all feedback is considered good.

Many times, you have to dig deeper with asking engaging questions in order to find gold. When you hear the same thing over and over, it’s good to first think about it and then ask the customer why they feel that way about their answer. UX testing and interviews are always critical in designing products, but analyzing the results and going in deep is just as important.

Sometimes customers will just say surface level stuff. Perhaps you’re not asking the right audience — people who would never buy your product or service. Other times, people say things without thinking deeper about what they are saying or they don’t realize that things could be done a better way.

Remember that it’s your duty to go deep and have the discipline to get to the truth.

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