Live Up To Expectations

We work on brands. Our brands change and transform people’s lives, hopefully for noble causes. That’s the zoomed out vision that we have to remember as we design campaigns for new products: from the eblast to the digital advertising to the messaging and the story—all of these touch points matter.

As designers, when we say that a product will do something, we must mean it. Any copy that we use in ads for creating trust via value props MUST live up to the expectations, at a minimum. Ideally, your product would go beyond the expectations, but I digress.

Remember that one time when you asked about seeing a movie and a friend said they saw it but didn’t like it? That’s an example of when expectations are less than the hype produced by the movie brand’s advertising. You don’t want your product to be in the same boat as a tanking movie.

Let’s live up to what we say our brands will do, how our products will make people’s lives better. Be true. When you are true, that authenticity shines and ultimately will sell.


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