Building Your Team

Ok, so you’re given that new promotion to manage people. That’s great! However, you’re not off the hook from doing work.

There’s a misconception that managers do zero work and the people they supervise do most of the work. In reality, it’s not so simple nor true. Managers have to do their normal job functions such as writing reports, research, and creating designs, but they also have tons of meetings, coordinating projects and teams.

It’s an art form itself, managing. Some managers are terrific at it, whild others are horrible due to mismanagement of time, lack of people skills, and miscommunication.

Let The Experts Lead At What They Do Best

Lead your team to success by encouraging them to lead. If you are managing a multidisciplinary team, let the experts give you advice and also reccommendations on projects. They know their field better than you. As leaders, we need to balance advise with project goals, keeping in mind the customers and key stakeholders. This doesn’t mean that you should do everything someone recommends, especailly if it doesn’t align with business or project goals.

Laughter Leads to Trust

Get your team to laugh. Tell funny jokes, stories or show a funny YouTube video before team meetings. Not only is this a great ice breaker-it also is a great way to let your guard down and be real with each other.

How are you a great leader? What are qualities in leaders you admire? Share in the comments!


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