Attitude Changes Everything

Your attitude effects how you view the world. In the business world, this is key, especially working in companies that are running Growth Hacking or Lean Startup approaches.

Innovation comes from a positive attitude. Exponential growth only occurs in situations when the status quo is questioned, when grand ideas are presented. Maybe those ideas seem crazy or it hasn’t been done before. It’s a huge disruption of the market and your business.

Of course there’s tons of research, constant testing, tweaking, refinement for these grand ideas. And there is always risk with change. But you have to change. In order to have growth. In order to increase ROI 10X and beyond. In order to bring real, meaningful change to the world.

When someone is negative, blaming others and not open to change nor flexible in their work approach, that brings the team down. When you bring your team down, you are letting your key stakeholders, the boss and more importantly, your customers down. Why you ask?

First off, by being negative and bringing everyone down, you are shutting off innovation.

Being negative shuts your team out. It leads to distrust amongst your team. Instead of being negative, be realistic. Make sure everyone is aware of what can go wrong, but have a plan to fix things. And have clear communication with your team members, especially your supervisor or project manager. Do not go down the rabbit hole and keep things from your project manager if it’s going to be a time suck. That new feature may not be so important to your key stakeholder for the Minimum Viable Product for go time if it takes 20 hours to do. There’s always time to revise and tweak after launch of a campaign or a new product.

Rise above the negativity. Take responsibility, do your job and do it well. You want your supervisor and project manager to trust you with the things that you excel it, that you take joy at creating and doing.


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