How to Stand Out as a Creative Among the Noise

Nowadays, we have pressure on us to fit this image of being a jack-of-all trades. For example, if you are creative, some organizations expect you to be a mediocre designer, videographer, print designer and more. Now, it’s easy to fall into this trap, however you will not be able to advance in your career and skills by doing a little bit of here and there. It’s also a huge misconception that someone who is creative can do all of these things. Each skill is a trade that needs to be practiced for years to demonstrate competency.

There is always going to be someone better than you at a particular trade (example: graphic design). What additional skills do you have that make you unique? You might be a creative who is an extrovert, which is a rare skill (most of us are introverted). Or you have a finance background. There are plenty of additional skills that we have that we do not realize can be used as part of our own narratives when getting new clients or jobs, and getting paid what we deserve.

Before any client pitches begin, you need to do your homework. This is the same as scoping a project such as your next website. Figure out what the company’s or person’s needs are and what they are looking for. 

When making the pitch, remember that you have to come off as authentic and be authentic. Don’t just throw out random things that are not true. People can see through lies easily and it can ruin your reputation. If you rise above and are a top performer when walking into your client meeting, that person you are meeting with will value you and will make getting the project much easier.

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