Achieve Success: How to Squash Your Own Ego

So it feels good to tell the world about your successes right? Of course, you should feel proud of yourself, especially if you have accomplished great things in your career. However, don’t brag about it to others. Most people are not interested in how a project made you feel. If anything, it makes you come across as a self centered jerk, not caring if the person you are talking to is even listening or not.

Ramit Sethi of I Will Teach you To Be Rich, discusses this problem of ego in his various classes. He says that many of us feel that selling is “sleazy” and we always think we are getting scammed. However, he flips this idea on it’s head and states that if we do have a solution to someone’s problem, it is our duty and obligation to solve that problem. Clients have problems that need to be solved, and it is our duty as designers to solve them. If we have a solution, we need to sell it to them in an ethical way. We have to come at it as truly putting the other person first, their needs and how we can solve that problem. Once we do that our own egos melt away, as we are fully absorbed with helping others out.

People will willingly part ways with their money if you are authentic in wanting to help them. Both Ramit and Dale Carnigie state this in their books. Take a real interest in the client, put yourself in their shoes and address why you want to help them and how you will be able to do so. Keep the message simple, and then your clients will be hooked.

Another way is when you are meeting with clients, look them in the eye, smile at them, get to know their name and be able to listen. Most people respond willingly when you know their name and are kind to them. So many of us now are “busy” or use the excuse of busy to act like robots to others, ignoring them outright or just going through the usual motions of “good morning and how are you?” without going deeper. If we want to break through all of that, we have to go deeper, even if it’s just a little bit by getting to know someone by name. Many famous people fine tuned this skill including Napoleon III, FDR and others.

How have you squashed your ego in order to achieve success? Share below!


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