Some Tips To Reduce High Bounce Rates

What is Bounce Rate?

The bounce rate is when people leave your website as soon as they see it. The customer doesn’t continue the sales funnel cycle, they completely abandon ship. The goal is to have the lowest bounce rate as possible for your pages.

What If I’m getting a high bounce rate?

There are several factors that can cause a high bounce rate for your website’s web pages. The first is that you’re not targeting the right users. If your advertising message isn’t reaching the right audience then you’re in trouble. An example would be advertising women’s heels on a site aimed for women skateboarders. There’s no direct connection. Those types of customers most likely would not buy high heels and if the advertising misleadingly sends them to the high heel website, then of course they will bounce. You’re chasing the wrong users.

You need to figure out where people who use your product or service go to, website wise, or just in general. Those are the places you need to be at. Being everywhere isn’t a good thing, in fact, it’s terrible.

The second reason for high bounce rate is that your messaging on your landing page has no clear connection from your advertising (such as web ad, eblasts, etc). The storyline isn’t connected. Humans want and crave stories, learning and being engaged. If you can’t accomplish those three things, then people will bounce from your website. Make sure that your stories are cohesive in your advertising. It doesn’t mean that it has to be Lord of the Rings. Short, concise and to the point is what we are looking for.

Another reason people can bounce is if the call to action from the landing page doesn’t compel them to continue the sales funnel. Each page needs to draw and narrow the user to what you want them to accomplish, which is to convert into a sale, or sign up for your email list, as examples.

There could be a flaw in the service you are providing as well. Try adjusting (known as pivoting in Lean Startup terms) the product or service you’re offering. Perhaps there needs to be an incentive. Even changing the wording for why the product or service will help your customers could have a huge positive impact on sales.

Have you used any of the tips above? How have you solved high bounce rates?


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