Ok, so I understand that UX is important. What’s next?

Having positive user experience equals very happy customers.


What you need to do is conduct research and do testing in order to have solid data before you create your designs. Yes, this needs to take place before the design process and throughout the whole project lifecycle, including during the design process.

UX testing suggestions
I did UX testing for our B2B website throughout the redesign process internally.

I think the biggest obstacle to overcome is clarity with the key stakeholders of the website. I was able to overcome that obstacle with a kickoff meeting and determine the goals of the project.

Also, data is key. If you can test at least 3-5 people targeted as your user group per test and look at the results, you’ll know what needs to be changed. You’ll want to test the extreme ends of the spectrum as well as the average user (say an older generation customer who isn’t quite tech savvy versus a younger one who picks up new tech instantly).

When doing the UX test, don’t lead the testers on. Otherwise the results are skewed to looking “good.” I usually said outright that I wouldn’t answer questions and keep my comments to the minimum.

What have you done to successfully accomplish UX testing? Share below!

Some additional resources:

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