Surf the Wave of Moores Law Into Future Success

Now that we know that our industries will be disrupted, what are the drivers causing it? Technology is the main wave of disruption, with Moores Law at the heart of the wave. The term was first coined by Gordon Moore, Intel cofounder, in 1965 when he observed that the number of transistors per square inch on integrated circuits has doubled every year and that there is no end in sight. Think about the original computers that got the USA to the moon. They had less RAM than the Nintendo Gameboy. Now, we carry computers in our pockets in the form of cell phones.

Now we have computers that are building even faster computers. This constant change keeps accelerating at a faster and faster pace. No company is safe from keeping the status quo without evolving to stay relevant in an evolving society. Where will the future go?

According to Peter Diamandis, founder of XPRIZE and bestselling author, these are industries that are riding the wave of Moores Law:

  1. Infinite computing
  2. Sensors and networks
  3. Robotics
  4. 3D printing
  5. Synthetic biology
  6. Digital medicine
  7. Nanomaterials
  8. Artificial intelligence

All of these markets are opportunities to create solutions for. The main thing holding people back is accessibility. What does accessibility look like? One example is not having the right fit market yet, as more and more people will have access to the Internet in other areas of the world, which are now rural. These are voices that we have never heard, with new ideas and insights. These new voices are also the doorway to new opportunities to grow into, market wise.

What is the key to all of these things? It’s about opportunity. Strike when you have a chance to disrupt the status quo before someone else does. Some examples of companies that have disrupted businesses are Uber and AirBnb. Both of these businesses have created jobs, income and convenience. Perhaps with the start of Uber, self-driving cars will become the way to the future, and then what? Maybe you don’t need to own a car anymore.


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