Want to grow your business exponentially with Growth Hacking? This is the book to get.

Growth hacking review
Screen shot from Amazon.com of my review of the book.

I had first heard about Ryan Holiday, writer and media strategist, from reading The Obstacle Is the Way which is a book on applying stoicism in the modern world. That book had a profound impact on my career and has lead to exponential growth (I wrote a post on how I apply stoicism to my design thinking here).

Once I heard that Ryan wrote a marketing book on current marketing strategy, I had to buy it. I listened to the audio version of the book within several days, as it is concise and not very long (I think it’s 2 and a half hours). Lately, I’ve found that to do learning quickly from experts, listening to audio books is my hack as I am always on the go either driving, at the gym, running or walking with my dog, etc. I enjoyed the pace and emotion of Ryan’s voice in the recording.

With this book, Ryan Holiday proves again that he can write about specific topics with precision, clarity and actual insights.

Here are some tips listed in the book to find, connect and build your audience with Growth Hacking:

  1. Upload an article to Quora or Reddit yourself
  2. Write blog posts that indirectly sell your product
  3. For startups, use Kickstarter platform with incentives
  4. Help A Reporter Out service
  5. Find potential customers one by one and invite them with special incentive
  6. Bring on influential advisors / investors – fame vs. money
  7. Subdomain on your site that goes to charity ex: smile.amazon.com
  8. Get any publicity

This list is spring board of “outside the box thinking,” to find new ways to market products and services. As Ryan says in his book, marketing is lead generation. Remember that anything that gets customers is marketing, including product development.

[Note to Ryan]
Ryan, thank you for adding real value with this book. As a graphic, branding, and human centered designer, I gained valuable insights from the examples of successful growth hacking you shared.

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