Scale Retention and Optimize Your Business With Your Email List

The number of people going to your site doesn’t matter. You may be getting tons of traffic but if people are bouncing away from your site, then that is not effective at all. If you’re not spreading the word about your product or service and just throwing up ads, that is not connecting with your market.

How do you scale retention and optimization for customers who have visited your site and bounced? When you’re diving initial set of new users and customers right now to your site, you’ve got to get them to sign up for at least your mailing list. The number of people who sign up is what matters because those are people that have already expressed interest in your product or service. By that person signing up for your email list, they’ve already got a vested interest in what your company does.

According to Ryan Holiday, writer, media strategist, and author of Growth Hacker Marketingyour email list is the most important marketing tool at your disposal for growth hacking. It’s easier to get someone who is at the start of the funnel to complete the funnel, rather than try to connect with someone who knows nothing about your brand and has not made the first move to express more interest in your brand. Now it’s our turn to reach back to customers who have signed up for our list with added value and incentives.

How to get the bounced customer to convert
As what happens to me, I will forget that I’ve signed up for an email list unless if I get a reminder about it. One idea to get these bounced customers is to drive them back to your site with a coupon in an email. This drives revenue from customers who have signed up for your app, product or service and turns stats and lists into actual money for your business.

Relationships Do Matter
It’s proven in this study by Harvard Business School that increasing customer retention rates by 5% increases profits by 25% to 95%. Retention of your existing customers trumps trying to drive more traffic to your site. Relationships with your customers DO matter.

An idea that really connects with your current and potential customers is to provide strong educational material on their market and why your product will improve their lives. People are looking for real value that can solve their problems, not just a product or service. I’ve got some tips as a starting in my article on The Economy of Connection.

Do something that doesn’t feel like marketing in order to get customers. What are the eblasts that you look at that make you click more to learn about them?

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