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This is a book review that I wrote recently for Tools of Titans. The original review is on

If you haven’t heard of Tim Ferriss by now, what planet are you from? As Jamie Foxx said on Tim’s podcast, he’s the guy version of Oprah. Want to know the tactics, routines and habits of billionaires, icons and world-class performers? Get this book.

Tim has distilled his lengthy podcast episodes down to several pages per “titan”— the key takeaways. As he noticed, many of the titans have similar driving beliefs, habits, etc. that drive them to great things. An example is that most titans have some sort of morning routine that involves meditation. The titans take risks, know that they may fail and have failed many times, despite their successes. All of them in some form had breakthroughs in their lives by questioning and challenging the status quo. And finally, most are concerned about their well being and have some sort of exercise routine, either done at night or the morning.

The book is written with a guy’s point of view, as about 80% of Tim’s audience are men. That didn’t bother me at all when reading the book. However, some of my favorite sections of the book are from female titans, such as Whitney Cummings and Amelia Boone.

The book is broken down into three sections covering health, wealth and wisdom. I found that I enjoyed all three of the sections almost equally, with a slight preference to the last section on wisdom, as I’m a seeker at heart.

I’ve gained insights from all three sections of this book and have already started implementing them into my daily routines and habits, noticing significant results.

An added benefit with Tim’s printed books is that you can use them for self defense, if necessary (I contemplated doing this once riding the BART when someone threatened to rob all of us… Thankfully, they didn’t try anything). I digress…

I recommend this book to anyone, period. If you read this book and apply even one thing from it to your life, it is exponentially worth the investment.

[A Note To Tim]
Tim, if you’re reading this review, you need to do outreach to the suicidal community, especially teens. I found that section to be one of the most powerful ones from the book. You are such an inspiration to others and for them to know that they are not alone would bring positive change to the world.

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