Get Better at Predicting with Futurecasting

Have you heard of future casting? It’s like predicting the weather. Sometimes it is right and other times it can be off. To future cast, you need to write possible headlines about things happening in world events, pop culture and more that tie to your product or service. It allows you to to apply context to the solution you’re working on and can help form the framework for your marketing campaigns in order to create headlines, calls to actions and go live strategy.

Here’s an example of a positive and negative headline for self driving cars, which are currently being tested out in the world:

  • Self Driving Car Saves 8 Year Old Girl and Her Dog
  • Malfunction in Self Driving Car Kills 6

Get better at predicting
Study what you’ve created in the past to gain insights for futurecasting. For your ideas, see if you can predict what will go viral for your next project. Write it down. Then hold yourself accountable after you share your work with the world. Did it go viral? If not, what measures of success did it accomplish? Where can the darts be thrown at on your art for any “holes”? How can you improve next time?

See where you failed, ask for feedback, especially the negative. At least then your work is being acknowledged. And you should thank people for constructive criticism. That way you can improve your work the next time around.

You don’t want to listen to the criticism from the internet troll (there’s always at least one), rather someone who appreciates your effort and shares constructive criticism. And don’t let that criticism knock you down. Find the kernel of truth in the criticism to gain insights and then refine your art. Don’t take things personally. For the most part, people are not trying to hurt your feelings when critiquing your work.

Only do or not do. Don’t be reluctant to do the work, just do the work. There will be ups and downs but then you’ll be able to create something wonderful the next time around. It’s a task that one should address daily.

Some Tips

  • View metrics, perform A/B tests to see what kinds of content does better, and determine measures of success (this can be impressions, sales, etc).
  • Look at current and past headlines of popular publications and syndications. What stands out in history?
  • Ask yourself questions of how pop culture would address your product or service. An example would be how this product or service would be discussed on Oprah’s show?

How have you used futurecasting in your process? Share below!


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